600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 26: Property and Departments – Học Hay

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600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 26: Property and Departments – Học Hay

Video từ vựng 600 Từ vựng TOEIC– Lesson 26: Property and Departments – HocHay

Cùng HocHay học tiếng Anh 600 Từ vựng TOEIC các bạn nhé!

600 Từ vựng TOEIC– Lesson 26: Property and Departments

Từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề - Lesson 26: Property and Departments

Read the following passage and write the words in the blanks below.


adjacent           conducive             inconsiderate               open to              collaboration             disruptive              lobby               opting             concentrate              hampered               move up              scrutinized


The layout of any office has an important influence on the atmosphere and operations in the company. The shipping department most likely will not be located next to the customer service department. The noise would be too (1) _____. Likewise, locating a kitchen (2) _____ to the (3) _____ would be (4) _____ for office visitors and clients. The marketing department is often situated close to the sales department due to their necessary (5) _____.

Employee productivity may be (6) _____ or improved by the arrangement of workers and departments. Employees vie for corner offices as they (7) _____ the corporate ladder. They want to be accessible to top management, but not so close that everything that they do is (8) _____. At the same time, many companies are (9) _____ for open work spaces versus traditional offices. Open spaces are more (10) _____ to team projects, where employees interact freely. However, some employees feel that such an environment makes it difficult to (11) _____. Employees know under which conditions they work the best. If employers are willing to listen and are (12) _____ suggestions, they can take advantage of office space and help employees to realize their full potential.


Đáp án:

1. disruptive

2. adjacent

3. lobby

4. inconsiderate

5. collaboration

6. hampered

7. move up

8. scrutinized

9. opting

10. conducive

11. concentrate

12. open to

Word Families - Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 26: Property and Departments

Word Practice - Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 26: Property and Departments

Listening Comprehension

Part1 Photo


Look at the picture and listen to the sentences. Choose the sentence that best describes the picture.






Đáp án: A


Part 2 Question-Response

Listen to the question and the three responses. Choose the response that best answers the question.










Đáp án:

2. A

3. C


Part 3 Conversation

Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer.

4. What does the man think of the current lobby? 

(A) People conduct a lot of conversations there.

(B) It’s quite pleasant.

(C) More people should use it.

(D) It's not a good place for conversations.

5. What might be disruptive to the business?

(A) Loud conversations in the lobby.

(B) Remodelling work.

(C) The need to scrutinize plans.

(D) A heavy workload.

6. When will the new lobby be finished?

(A) This afternoon.

(B) in two weeks.

(C) Next month.

(D) In four months.


Đáp án:

4. D

5. B

6. C


Part 4 Talk

Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

7. What is this talk about? 

(A) How to encourage collaboration.

(B) How to increase productivity.

(C) How to concentrate.

(D) How to design an office.

8. What is the problem with a large, open office?

(A) It isn't conducive to collaboration.

(B) It doesn't include options.

(C) Work is easily disrupted.

(D) It isn’t adjacent to a lobby.

9. Why is it important to have a large work room?

(A) To allow staff members to work together.

(B) To maintain a high level of activity.

(C) To increase concentration.

(D) To have a more attractive design.


Đáp án:

7. D

8. C

9. A


Part 5 Incomplete Sentences

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

10. The data entry clerk is so accustomed to working by herself that I really doubt it she is capable of _____ on this project.

(A) collaborated

(B) collaborating

(C) collaborator

(D) collaborates

11. Sue always _____ so hard on her work that she forgets where she is.

(A) concentrated

(B) concentrates

(C) concentration

(D) concentrating

12. The constant flow of traffic by the researcher’s desk proved to be very _____.

(A) disruptive

(B) disrupts

(C) disruption '

(D) disrupted

13. The employee lounge is for everyone's enjoyment so please don’t use it _____.

(A) inconsiderate

(B) inconsiderateness

(C) inconsiderately

(D) inconsideration

14. Some people always _____ for the easy way out.

(A) opt

(C) optional

(B) option

(D) options

15. After close _____ of the options, the managers chose an advertising company to do all the publicity for the new campaign.

(A) scrutinize

(C) scrutiny

(B) scrutinizing

(D) scrutable


Đáp án:

10. B

11. B

12. A

13. C

14. A

15. C


Part 6 Text Completion


In order to maintain a professional office environment that is _____ (16) to work, all staff members are asked to observe the following guidelines.

- Be _____ (17) of your co-workers. When using an open work area, do not speak in loud voices or turn on radios.

- Our clients are important. Do not disrupt your co-workers when they are meeting with clients.

- Remember that the lobby is the first place our clients see when they enter the office. Please _____ (18) by doing your best to keep this area clean and neat.



(A) optional

(B) conducive

(C) inscrutable

(D) collaborative


(A) consideration

(B) considerately

(C) considerate

(D) consider


(A) can cooperate

(B) to cooperate

(C) cooperating

(D) cooperate


Đáp án:

16. B

17. C

18. D


Part 7 Reading Comprehension



To: All office staff

From: P. Windermere, Office Manager

Re: Parking situation


As you may be aware, starting next week, the parking garage will be closed for repairs to the upper level due to damage caused by the heavy rains last month. There will be no parking allowed on any level of the garage while the repairs are taking place, as parked cars may hamper the work. Cars parked in the garage will be towed at the owner’s expense. While the garage is closed, you may opt to park on the street or in the lot adjacent to the building. Remember that it is a private lot and a fee will be charged. I realize that the parking options will be limited, and I am open to any suggestions for solutions to this parking situation that any of you may have. Unfortunately, the repair work will take more than a few weeks. We cannot expect the garage to Open again until two months from now. In the meantime, I thank you for your cooperation.


19. Why will the garage be closed?

(A) It needs repairs.

(B) The fees are too high.

(C) Its parking options are limited.

(D) Street parking is better.

20. What will happen to cars that are parked in the garage?

(A) They will be charged a tee.

(B) They will be repaired.

(C) They will be towed.

(D) They will be used for work.

21. When will the garage reopen?

(A) In a week.

(B) In just a few weeks.

(C) In a month.

(D) In two months.

22. The word hamper in line 6 is closest in meaning to

 (A) allow

(B) interfere

(C) encourage

(D) contribute

23. The word adjacent in line 9 is closest in meaning to

(A) distant

(B) underneath

(C) next to

(D) across from


Đáp án:

19. A

20. C

21. D

22. B

23. C


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