600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 49: Hospitals – Học Hay

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600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 49: Hospitals – Học Hay

Video từ vựng 600 Từ vựng TOEIC– Lesson 49: Hospitals – HocHay

Cùng HocHay học tiếng Anh 600 Từ vựng TOEIC các bạn nhé!

600 Từ vựng TOEIC– Lesson 49: Hospitals

Từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề - Lesson 49: Hospitals

Read the following passage and write the words in the blanks below.

admitting          escort            permitted        results         authorization          identification        pertinent           statement         designated            mission            procedures          usually


Hospitals have a (1) _____ to provide patients with high-quality medical care. Everyone on staff will make sure that you get the best possible treatment for your condition.

When you arrive at the hospital, you should have with you all the (2) _____ information needed to be admitted, like your insurance information and copies of X-rays and other test (3) _____, even if they were taken at another facility. Bring your insurance card and any referral or (4) _____ form from your doctor. You should also have some form of (5) _____ with a photo. You will also need to sign an agreement regarding treatment consent. Once you arrive, there is usually a concierge who will assist you with me (6) _____ process.

Many elective surgeries and other (7) _____ are (8) _____ done on the same day. Usually a hospital staff member will (9) _____ you to the exit and make sure you get into the car safely. After you leave the hospital, you will receive a (10) _____ from the hospital for the charges your insurer does not cover. Your insurance policy will outline any amount for which you may be responsible.

You will find that smoking is not (11) _____ in any hospital building. Often, hospitals have (12) _____ smoking areas outside for patients, families, and staff who wish to smoke.


Đáp án:

1. mission

2. pertinent

3. results

4. authorization

5. identification

6. admitting

7. procedures

8. usually

9. escort

10. statement

11. permitted

12. designated

Word Families - 600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 49: Hospitals

Word Practice - Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 49: Hospitals

Listening Comprehension

Part 1 Photo


Look at the picture and listen to the sentences. Choose the sentence that best describes the picture.






Đáp án: D


Part 2 Question—Response

Listen to the question and the three responses. Choose the response that best answers the question.










Đáp án:

2. C

3. A


Part 3 Conversation

Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer.

4. What is the woman’s complaint?

(A) The records weren't delivered on time.

(B) Her husband didn’t get an identification card.

(C) The computer system broke down.

(D) Her husband’s records got mixed up.

5. Who is the man?

(A) A hospital administrator.

(B) A hospital patient.

(C) A doctor.

(D) A nurse.

6. Why was the woman’s husband in the hospital?

(A) For a surgical procedure.

(B) To change his medications.

(C) For tests.

(D) To visit a friend.


Đáp án:

4. D

5. A

6. C


Part 4 Talk

Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer.

7. Who is the speaker?

(A) A doctor.

(B) A lab technician.

(C) A nurse.

(D) An insurance agent.

8. When will the surgery take place?

(A) In eight days.

(B) In a week.

(C) In ten days.

(D) In 23 days.

9. What will the listener do with the paperwork?

(A) Prepare it.

(B) Give it to the nurse.

(C) Take it to the lab.

(D) Submit it to the insurance company.


Đáp án:

7. A

8. C

9. B


Part 5 Incomplete Sentences

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

10. Before my father was _____ to the hospital, he had to undergo a series of tests.

(A) admit

(B) admitted

(C) admittance 

 (D) admissions

11. Will your insurance company _____ a visit to a specialist? 

(A) authorize

(B) authorization

(C) authority 

 (D) authorizing 

12. As a precaution, it’s wise to _____ someone in your family to make health care decisions for you in case there is a time that you cannot. 

(A) designation

(B) designate

(C) designator

 (D) designated

13. Your X-rays will have your name and social security number printed on them, so we can easily _____ them as yours.

(A) identifiably

(B) identification

(C) identifiable

 (D) identity

14. Before we can begin the surgery, we will need your signed _____ authorizing us to perform the procedure.

(A) permit

(B) permissive

(C) permission

 (D) permissible

15. Is it _____ for a doctor to order so many tests?

(A) usual

(B) usually

(C) unusually

 (D) used


Đáp án:

10. B

11. A

12. B

13. D

14. C

15. A


Part 6 Text Completion

City Hospital

Admissions Procedures

— When you arrive, check in with the nurse on duty at the front desk.

— All patients must have signed _____ (16) from a doctor before entering the hospital. Please give the signed form to the nurse.

— The nurse will also need to see a form of identification and proof of insurance. We cannot _____ (17) anyone to the hospital without these. There will be no exceptions.

— The nurse will complete the pertinent paperwork and assign you to a room.

— Please wait in the designated area. A hospital staff member _____ (18) you to your room.

— Family members are not permitted to accompany patients to their rooms. They must wait until the usual visiting hours to see their loved ones. A schedule of visiting hours is posted in the main lobby.



(A) author 

(B) authorize

(C) authority

(D) authorization


(A) submit

(B) admit

(C) remit

(D) omit


(A) escorts

(B) will escort

(C) is escorting

(D) has escorted


Đáp án:

16. D

17. B

18. B


Part 7 Reading Comprehension

19. What does Henry ask Annabelle to do?

(A) Recommend a hospital.

(B) Perform surgery.

(C) Visit him in the hospital.

(D) Talk to his doctor.

20. Why was Annabelle in the hospital last year?

(A) For a broken knee.

(B) For a broken elbow.

(C) For a hip replacement.

(D) For a knee replacement.

21. How long was Annabelle in the hospital?

(A) Three days.

(B) A week.

(C) Ten days.

(D) A month.

22. The word results in the first e-mail, line 10 is closest in meaning to

(A) outcome

(B) process

(C) nature

(D) price

23. The word mission in the second e-mail, line 7 is closest in meaning to

(A) rule

(B) goal

(C) demand

(D) requirement


Đáp án:

19. A

20. C

21. C

22. A

23. B


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