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Giáo trình Vocabulary for IELTS – Unit 32: Words expressing similarity and difference | Học Hay

Video từ vựng IELTS - Unit 32: Words expressing similarity and difference - Học Hay

Cùng HocHay học từ vựng IELTS Unit 32: Words expressing similarity and difference các bạn nhé!

Từ vựng IELTS - Unit 32: Words expressing similarity and difference

Bài tập từ vựng IELTS Unit 32: Words expressing similarity and difference - Học Hay

1. Circle the words for describing similarity. Underline the words for describing difference.

A. alike

B. comparable

C. contrary

D. conversely

E. distinct

F. diverse

G. equivalent

H. identical


2. Listen and complete sentences 1—8 using words a—h above.


1. Victor and Vincent are _____ twins.

2. Boys and girls rarely think _____

3. We enjoy watching a _____ range of films.

4. Psychiatry and psychology are two _____ disciplines.

5. The average cost of a house today is _____ to six years’ average annual salary.

6. The minister was sacked for expressing views that were _____ to those of the government.

7. The majority of female respondents reported spending more on sugary snacks; _____, the majority of male respondents said they had spent more on savoury snacks.

8. People who do similar work should receive _____ rates of pay.


3. Each group of words below contains a pair of synonyms. Circle the Odd word out.


A. differentiate 

B. differ 

C. distinguish


A. identical 

B. similar 

C. analogous


4. Choose words from Exercise 3 to complete the sentences below.

You can [1] _____ or [2] _____ between two things: however, we normally say that one thing [3] _____ from something else.

If two things are exactly the same we can say that they are [4] _____: if they are somewhat the same we can say they are [5] _____ or [6] _____.


5. Use your dictionary to complete the table below. There may be more than one answer in some cases.

verb noun adjective adverb
resemble    x x


6. Listen to sentences 1-7. Circle the words in the table above that you hear.


7. Listen to Track 26 again. Complete the summary of each sentence 1—7 below using one of the words you have circled. Make any necessary changes to verb forms.


1. Eating a _____ diet is vital.

2. The dangers involved in flying and sailing are _____.

3. His choice was based on my _____ of the programmes.

4. The _____ between the two songs was notable.

5. The students understood the task _____.

6. His online views are often in _____ to his televised views.

7. Three economic crises were _____.


Đáp án:


Circle: a, b, g, h

Underline: c, d, e, f



1 identical

2 alike

3 diverse

4 distinct

5 equivalent

6 contrary

7 conversely

8 comparable



1 differ

2 identical



1/2 differentiate/distinguish

3 differs

4 identical

5/6 similar/analogous



verb noun adjective adverb
compare comparison comparable comparably
contrast contrast contrasting contrastingly
differ difference different differently
resemble resemblance x x
vary variety varied/variable variably



Circle: varied, comparable, comparison, resemblance, differently, contrast (noun), contrast (verb)



1 varied

2 comparable

3 comparison

4 resemblance

5 differently

6 contrast

7 contrasted

Exam practise Unit 32: Words expressing similarity and difference

Exam practice: Listening - completing a summary


Complete the summary below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.



Many people experience job stress and describe the workplace as challenging. However, 'stress' and 'challenge' are not [1] _____ terms. Job stress results when the requirements of a job outstrip the workers capacities. Challenging work is [2] _____ from stressful work because a challenge encourages the individual to develop capabilities in a healthy way. Meeting a challenge is [3] _____ to the idea of stretching in order to reach for a goal. Two workers could have very [4] _____ experiences of identical jobs because no two people are [5] _____.


Đáp án:

1 identical

2 different

3 comparable

4 different

5 alike


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